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   RMG / HSG Top Spray Nozzle & Lance


Spraytech's RMG / HSG Top Spray Nozzles & Lance are design for Large Scale, Medium Scale and Lab Scale Rapid Mixer Granulator and High - Shear Granulator for Wet Granulation. Superior spray quality produces best in class granules from bulk. Manufactured according to GMP and available in wide range of spray rates. And external mixing spray setup enhances the spray quality and distribution in optimum way.

Spray Nozzles and special purpose lance designs available

Design Features

  • Available in 1, 3, 4 spray heads
  • Available in various spray angles
  • Auto-shut off feature
  • Anti-drip spray heads
  • Long life lance design
  • Compact design of spray nozzle
  • Homogeneous spray distribution
  • Fine droplet size, best for wet granulation
  • GMP suitable design
  • Anti-clogging lance design
  • Made from SS316L and all O-rings from FDA approved material
  • Custom made designs available


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