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Tablet Coating:

   Tablet Coating Spray Nozzles


 Tablet Coating Process

It is the process to apply coating material on external surface of tablets to enhance its efficiency and properties

Today many solid pharmaceutical dosage mediums are produced with coatings, either on the external surface of tablets, or on materials dispensed within gelatine capsules.

Coating serves a number of purposes right from protecting stomach lining from aggressive drugs to protecting the tablet from stomach acids. It also helps in maintaining the shape of the tablet and thus can offer a delayed release of the medication.

But for good results, a better coating medium is required. And the same can be fulfilled by Tablet coating spray nozzles.

General purposes of tablet coating

>> Covers unpleasant taste, colour and odour
>> Chemical and physical protection from environment
>> To control the release of drug with enteric coating
>> It protects drug from gastric surrounding of stomach
>> Provide way to identify the drug and improves appearance

Results of bad coating

Sticking or picking Roughness Twinning Peeling Cracking


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