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  flat Spray Nozzle
 Flat Spray..
 Standard design with connection suitable  spray angle uniform distribution of  liquid.
  tank washing
 Tank Washing...
 Nozzles are designed for cleaning process  in small bore or small size of containers.
  special purppose
 Tank Mixing Eductor...
 Specially designed TE Series for Industry.
  full cone
 Full Cone...
 Full Cone Nozzle form complete spray  coverage in a round area.
  straight jet
 Air Atomizing...
 Atomizing Nozzle has good moisture  effect. It is the ideal choice for the  location where requires moisture  control.
 General Engg. & Accessories...
 Swivel Ball Join, Dovetail Assembly,  Connector, Clip on Assembly, etc...
  hollow cone
 Hollow Cone...
 Feature large and unobstructed flow  passage which provide a relatively high  resistance to clogging.
  air atomizing
 Steel Mill & Engg. Systems...
  Specially designed for Industry.
  oil burner
 Oil Burner...
 Provide highly efficient in depth filtration  with one piece construction extra fine  filter microns are supplied as standard on  all small capacity nozzles.
  Pharna Industry
 Pharma Industry....
Tablet Coating, Atomization Of Viscous Liquids, Gas Cooling
  Flow Elements
  Flow Elements
 Energy Conservation Flow and Control  Elements...
  Strainer & Filters
 Strainers & Filters...
 Manufactures of Industrial Filters, Valves,  Process Equipments of yester years...
  Forge Fittings
 Forge Fittings...
 Specially designed for Industry.
" Special design, end connections & materials on request "

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